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As a single parent to my wonderful son, it was more than 20 (never ends…) years of hard labor! Those years were developed with perseverance and persistence! The failures were constant, and as a single-parent you have a set of unique responsibilities that seem to not always align well with what you want for the future. All the pieces that randomly occurred, were actually accomplishments to the next failure…..

We either want to deal with the failure or we leave it and move on. Albert Einstein once said, “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” The choice to continue is why failures will be more abundant than our success! When our Baby Boomer parents raised us, we became the “lonely” generation as to growing-up as an independent force to what are parents could not fulfill. Baby Boomer’s built an economy where the need for a college education was necessary for young people to move into the middle class or simply maintain their middle-class lifestyle they were born into.

The experiences that come from living independent forced me to keep going and find a higher solution to the woes of daily life. Working over 12 years for a Hospital as a Department Administrator in the 90s while raising my son was more than a 24-hour job! I just could not find the space in my life for anything else and once I got frustrated with daily monotony, it was time for CHANGE! However, instead of dropping the ball per se, I stopped to ask myself, What can the next move be, a new job?, a degree program?, quitting my job all together and wait to see what door will open next? Well as a single-parent, those options at the time were not a supportive approach to a better life, only the idea of an added crutch!

The degree program did win in this game of options, and so looking back now, I can say it may have been the best option for moving forward in life! Down-right quitting my hospital position was a risky move, and the feeling of self-worth soon developed and continues to provide a positive outlook, approach and attitude that would not have developed if that risky move did not take priority. It was NOW time to open other networks of ideas to see what doors were available to me. With a degree, the doors were constant and plentiful! Now, I have options galore to explore and experience to the next failure.

In the past few years, stepping back a bit to analyze the possibilities of a new career path offered a significant amount of ideas that soon lead me to where I am today! Recalling the “failures” as I described, soon proved to be SUCCESS! All the negative ideas of what I thought were failures, were all steps to success! The new-found “success” was no longer my nemesis, rather NOW my ally.


Are you a person that can relate in some way to the monotony in your life and or career and want to make mindful steps to something new, something that will engage you, something that embraces your desire to see change or to help others see a different perception, and build those strengths in small comprehensive steps.

Today, we are all faced with “technology”. Some smile, some frown, I SMILE! Technology continues to evolve faster than my hair grows every month, so keeping up with the latest and greatest seems to engage many people! Technology has provided new opportunities that many think are for the experienced computer guru or may not see the benefit in taking it further without the training that would be required to lead you to take further action.

We all seek out new opportunities to earning money either part-time or to replace an existing career. What ever the reason is, it has prompted you to acquire a look ahead and examine the possibilities. What do you think the #1 reason most people will tell you about working online, “There are too many SCAMS….” AND I would have to say I agree completely and have worked for many years seeking out those eye-engaging opportunities with pure enthusiasm to soon find the ultimate disappointment that creates disconnection from continuing those efforts. We give up thinking there is NO POSSIBLE WAY to making a living working on the Internet. Well, I have good….., no GREAT news for you…., you DO NOT have to LOOK ANY FURTHER!

Generation Xers know how to play the game, but we’d rather “keep it real”. In other words, our disposition does not always fit within the workplace or political reality as it exists today. We are realists who now have the benefit of our own EXPERIENCE!

Perseverance is not giving up, and it’s the effort required through persistence and tenacity to do something and keep at it till the end, even when it’s hard. When you’ve worked years taking your experiences to new heights, you realize you have more and more to offer, and it can seem like a never-ending process! You find something that may be the next BIG TICKET to financial freedom, and it ultimately turns to more of a pipe-dream! Many want to achieve this by the same set of standards we accomplished with past failures and successes, but find it’s always a new path to the unknown.

Guess what? Look no further! Our team of Generation Xers have discovered the genuine deal for those that have a realistic approach to learning all you need under ONE UMBRELLA! You can start here with absolutely NO EXPERIENCE and soon be taken from Internet Novice to Internet Commander with small dedicated steps that materialize with your actionable efforts. It can be anything from Internet Marketing, Building a Website Business or Blog following your hobbies or passions to building an Affiliate website that supports your favorite product(s) or your own products; the possibilities are endless and all taught under ONE amazing PLATFORM!

WANT residual income? Great, you are only steps away from discovering those possibilities.


We are convinced after several years of research and accountability, that we can share with you, an established new-found opportunity to building a future that creates residual income and provides you ALL THE TOOLS necessary to get you there! Perhaps you want to connect with people with similar goals, or learn everything there is to know in creating your BLOG site or Affiliate products’ site so you can start earning commissions on everything you support. Just imagine, helping others achieve what we’re doing right now, helping you to see what those possibilities can truly turn into for you!

If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best, “Ready, Steady, GO!”



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